Thursday, May 29, 2014


I had a mission today: lunch.

My husband harass sent a list of places he would like to go.

So I'm going ( he's not here!).

So lots of walking. I started by walking to the local market





and then through Parc de Belleville.

From here you can see all of Paris.




These mosaics look very Sue Spargo or Edrica Huws.

I'm thinking quilts.....

And lunch?



I arrived there early and it was so worth the walk: le Dauphin.



  1. I never was in Parc de Belleville next time??????

  2. The lunch looks yum.. And the walk so colourful and interesting. Mosaics are a feast for the imagination. Looking forward to you next installment of photos of the day.

  3. Lovely mosaics, definitely inspiration for a quilt.

  4. I am enjoying following you through Paris! I hope to visit there next year. That mosaic is a great inspiration.