Monday, June 9, 2014

How to waste time at the airport

I know.
Take a shower! And wash your hair.

LOVELY big shower so I might do something I never do
And dry my hair.
2 1/2 hours still to spare.
I wish they wouldn't keep trying the door..... I did lock it?
Still 3 hours till my plane.
I left Les Soeurs at 10.30, my train was delayed and here I am.

What about these garden shots at breakfast this morning?
I am very pleased with this tiny piece I made yesterday.


  1. Safe Travel Maria - see you on the other side

  2. Lovely little piece of work.
    And lovely shower. ;-)
    Have a safe trip back. Sorry we couldn't meet. Next time maybe.

  3. Have a smooth trip home Maria. Love the little character piece.