Sunday, June 1, 2014

Virtual holiday

Are you enjoying this week with me?

If I have time in foreign cities I like the check out the big supermarkets.

So I caught the bus to Auchan, not far away. It is HUGE: 78 checkouts, not counting the self checkouts,

2 floors with double escalators. It must get busy!


Self serve "bulots".

Usually when there are 2 of us we bring home some of this Amora mustard, 1kilo for 1.50 Euros.

Too heavy when I'm carrying my own suitcase, especially up and down all the stairs on the Metro.

Had trouble choosing some chocolate from all this lot but a local pointed out her favourite.

And then, off to lunch, today Bistrot Paul Bert.


Each time I have been to a market I have seen the white asparagus so I was glad it was on the menu de jour. I was not disappointed.


Then the main course came in a little casserole dish, epaule d'agneau aux petits legumes.


The lamb was melt in the mouth delicious.

Et desert? I opted for cheese.

What can I say? What a selection; another thing I love about France.

No I didn't eat all of it.

Can you tell? I'm having a lovely time.

Better do something touristy now. I am not a bit museum goer. I am not good at all that queuing and standing around. But I was keen to see the Musee Marmottan-Monet.

So back onto the Metro. I only had to take one line to the museum but I lost count of the number of stops.

Lucky, lost count not consciousness after my big lunch.


It has been a lovely sunny afternoon so I didn't mind queuing. It was packed when I got inside and I was a bit underwhelmed until I realised I had all missed the main part. I had turned right not left. Again.

Well I can say if you see nothing else in paris this is a MUST. The collection of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Sisley and other impressionist painters is breath taking.

No photos allowed.

And then when I left guess what? I saw another bus going to Gare de l'Est, and then I walked home.

I am loving these buses!




  1. I'm enjoying your trip!
    I like to check out supermarkets while travelling, too. And taking local public transport.

  2. That asparagus looks delicious, well the whole meal does. You can't go wrong with a good cheese platter!

  3. Please please give me a list of all those restaurants. You already know so many! I really would have been there with you this day. I think we perfectly could spend a week together in Paris.

  4. Great to be sharing your trip. I love mooching around foreign supermarkets, and markets, such interesting things to see and smell. That cheese board is to die for!

  5. Oh Maria! What a joy that you were able to be in France again this summer!! ....and for Janet Bolton's course...sigh.....I am envious! Your photos are beautiful, as ever, and I am glad that you are blogging through! I will comment more, but had to start at the beginning.....xoxo