Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have been sewing a lot the last few days.
Believe me, it has been the weather for it!
I am pleased to say my new quilt, "darkness", is in one piece.

I am not very happy with the photos.I am not sure why I have trouble with the dark colours.

The fabric may look like denim but it is actually old Japanese fabric from futons
and I suspect it was used for kimonos before that.
Recycled recycle.

I buy them in one piece and unpick them and wash them.
Had to dry them inside though.
I enjoy the challenge of  designing
 to make the most of these fabrics when I only have one colour.


  1. Just a gorgeous play with blues. Love it!

  2. I. LOVE your blues. In France we suppose to have summer but it is rainy nd as dark as winter...........

  3. Love it! I do that too, unpick and restitch! Kazari and ZZ is now opens Sunday!

  4. This is a beautiful quilt. I've always like monochrome color schemes in rooms, clothes, and so on... but now also in quilts. Good for you!

  5. Beautiful! You have honored those fabrics well in their final resting place.

  6. Oh I love it so much! I love the softness and harmony of all the shades of blue! When you had said earlier, you were using the futon cover I got very excited. I love recycling old anything. It is hard to photograph an object with low contrast. I can imagine how beautiful this must be in person!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, the tonal variation you have created is fabulous. It looks soft and has that aged feel.

  8. It looks great Maria...can't wait to see it for real...was back to school today...reluctantly

  9. your dark blue quilt is beautiful. I love that it is made from recycled indigo japanese futons.