Saturday, August 30, 2014

A different white

I have had a break this week.

Time away helps you focus don't you think?

I have been surrounded by my favourite colours:
White, blues and the all shades of brown.

I haven't skied a lot in recent years and was surprised that I still could!
Not too much time spent with my face in the snow!

While riding on various devices that get you up there I contemplated the similarity between my quilting and my skiing. 
You have to focus on what you are doing, not looking around too much, just looking close up at the detail. And then after a while you can stand back and admire.

I'm itching to start a new quilt now but in the meantime have been working on this,

But I am thinking it would be great in blues and browns.....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

On the go

I have so many projects on the go it is making me stressed.
I don't know why.
I should be relaxed, all this creating.

I made this little doll.
I just had to, I already had one but I gave it away
so I needed another.
I used my old kimono fabric for her body, kimono lining for her dress 
and darning wool for her hair.
Who darns anyway? Me!
You know when you have finished a quilt and you have off-cuts of batting from the edges?
I hate wasting things: 
so I cut it into tiny pieces and used it for stuffing.
She's all cotton.

 Just as Spring seems to be breaking out I finished my gloves.
I needed black ones.

I use old tortoise-shell knitting needles (size 13) but one snapped
so I had to change to another pair (bamboo) 
but I think they may have been a bit bigger.
I am the only one who knows....

 And I finished this as well.
It has been on the go for quite some time...
I had hand quilted the pieced blocks and was going to use a stencil to mark a pattern on the plain block.
I tried many different pencils and markers
(and they don't let you try before you buy)
and none showed up sufficiently well over the fabric pattern.

In the end I have quilted around the flowers
and I quite like that embossed sort of look.
I am quite pleased with myself.
Now only a couple of hundered other UFOs.

Friday, August 15, 2014

white today

TodayI had a little play in my white fabrics

 Back here I made some of these in indigo
but blue doesn't always co-ordinate with my "outfit"
so I decided I wanted a white one.

And it is always easier to do a couple at a time, don't you think?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

and more...

What can I say?

I keep telling you
I can't stop.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And another

When I try something new
I just want to keep at it.

I am using fabrics from my collection of lovely old Japanese remnants.
They are all special litttle bits so I like to make special little things.