Saturday, August 23, 2014

On the go

I have so many projects on the go it is making me stressed.
I don't know why.
I should be relaxed, all this creating.

I made this little doll.
I just had to, I already had one but I gave it away
so I needed another.
I used my old kimono fabric for her body, kimono lining for her dress 
and darning wool for her hair.
Who darns anyway? Me!
You know when you have finished a quilt and you have off-cuts of batting from the edges?
I hate wasting things: 
so I cut it into tiny pieces and used it for stuffing.
She's all cotton.

 Just as Spring seems to be breaking out I finished my gloves.
I needed black ones.

I use old tortoise-shell knitting needles (size 13) but one snapped
so I had to change to another pair (bamboo) 
but I think they may have been a bit bigger.
I am the only one who knows....

 And I finished this as well.
It has been on the go for quite some time...
I had hand quilted the pieced blocks and was going to use a stencil to mark a pattern on the plain block.
I tried many different pencils and markers
(and they don't let you try before you buy)
and none showed up sufficiently well over the fabric pattern.

In the end I have quilted around the flowers
and I quite like that embossed sort of look.
I am quite pleased with myself.
Now only a couple of hundered other UFOs.


  1. Who doesn't have UFOs? UFOs are there for a reason. An inquiring mind, exploring thoughts and techniques and ultimately the incentive to keep at it.

  2. I love those gloves
    And I love blue
    I roll up my left over batting and make knitted covers for them, some are round and some are footballs.
    Keep up the good work I enjoy watching what you are up to.

  3. MARIA.....I love your doll!!!
    As always, you are an inspiration......xoxo. Happy Spring Coming......xo

  4. Many beautiful finishes here! I love the quilting around the leaves. It's a gorgeous quilt, with the subtle, curvy print and the graphic patches. Cute doll and lovely gloves too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with many UFO's!

  5. Such a busy gal you are. Good for you accomplishing and finishing so many UFO's... I made dolls similar to yours but they are called topsy turvy dolls... they are two dolls joined at the waist so there is a head at each end. I made one for my daughter and her twin cousin (we call them twin cousins cause they were born 3 hours apart on the same day). The fabric in your quilt is lovely, I believe I used to have a similar print in my fabric stash at one time. Like you I too have many UFO's.... but bit by bit I'm getting them done too. The quilting on the quilt is great. You are right about the markers/pens... hard to find some that you can see. Have a great week.