Monday, October 27, 2014


Sssh....It's just over 8 weeks until Christmas
and I have already started.
In keeping with my recent infatuation
I have been making small things.

Do you have any of this fabric? Celestials.....
I am searching for some of the selvedge.

I have taken inspiration from this book 
although I cut out the pieces free-hand as I wanted them much smaller than the ones in the book.
These old Red Wagon books are some of my favourite quilting books.


  1. Your little angels are perfect! Hope you find your fabric.

  2. No i don't have this fabric. And your angels are fabulous .go on.......

  3. Adorable angels in so many postures. Hope you find the selvage you're looking for!

  4. I love these angels. I wish I had the selvage you are looking for. Good luck with the search.