Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I love making little things
 and small quilts. 
Have you noticed?

This is my Christmas Star.
I couldn't show you before this
because that would have spoiled the surprise.

 I  made up kits for my loyal students who come to classes every week.
I had fun hand drawing the pattern and the instructions 
and printing them on nice paper.
A bit old fashioned looking.

This one is a bit easier for the newer girls.

I have done quite a few....

 I always think small quilts look good as part of a collective.
And I gave the kits to 4 of my sisters, who are quilters as well.
Ooo I hope they don't see this post before Christmas.


  1. I love those little quilts, so calm and beautiful! I think your students are going to enjoy making those little projects.

  2. Small quilts are wonderful. I assembled a full wall of them in my living room last year.