Monday, December 8, 2014

what do you think?

I want to start quilting this quilt,
by hand 
as usual, for me.
This is my favourite thread at the moment.
It's "spagetti thread" by Aurifil.
Ideally I would like to use dark blue so as not to interfere with the fabric,
So I get texture rather than the stitch taking over.

I used it back here.

Lovely thread...

But I can't seem to get my first choice....

Any suggestions?


  1. My choice should be the dark brown. Did you already show us the yellow one,

  2. I like yellow. Why not, do it, dare it. I know you want to! (joking okay) but I do like yellow on blue!

  3. I prefer lighter colors only so I can see better when I stitch. Once the whole quilt is done, the color of the thread remains mild and texture takes over.

  4. I would have to try a little of each and see what I like. I've hand-quilted dark on dark and been disappointed that the stitches don't show more. But, depending on the batting, the texture can be enough.

  5. Why not mix it up a little and use more than one color? ;). Your work is beautiful.