Saturday, May 31, 2014

Booking required

There are some restaurants you simply can't get into without a booking.

Septime is one of those. We have wanted to go here many times.

So what did I do? Rocked up half an hour before opening for lunch today


They squeezed me in.


I did say early. That's my table next to the stairs.

It wasn't long before every table was occupied.







Not like me but I had to have the 3 courses while the "mean girl" in me smirked at all the walk-ups who were turned away.

And what sort of tourist am I? I think there is a word for it.....



So after lunch I walked to the Port de l'Arsenal and took the cruise on the Saint-Martin canal.

The first section is a 2 kilometre stone vault following the Boulevard Ferry and Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

It is lit by lanterns (skylights) in the middle of the Boulevard and these were designed for canal ventilation for the bargemen. I have walked the length of the canal but I really wanted to see this underground part of the canal.

I wasn't disappointed.

Should I book for tomorrow's lunch?


Friday, May 30, 2014


It is different travelling alone.

No one to say, Look at that, Where are we?

I want to do this or that......

So this morning I got on the bus for the fun of it.


It went all the way from here ( the 20e) past the Bastille and the Louvre to the Hotel de Ville.

So relaxing yet still in the buzz of the traffic.


I had to get off and then back on again for the return trip.

The bus went along the Seine for a bit then back to the Rue de Rivoli.


Can you read this? I snapped it at the Pompidou Centre the other day.

It was to explain a series of photographs taken out of windows of planes and trains.

You see why I decided to show you mine?

And of course I went to lunch. Another on my husband's wish list: Au passage.

Here's the menu....

Carpaccio lotte.

Whoops, I nearly ate it all. Canard, carotte, blette: absolutely delicious!

I even sent my first wine back because I didn't like it and wasn't charged.

That's kitchen in there.

And then I rode around on the metro and buses again.....

across the Seine into the left bank up the rue de Rennes looking at that tower of Montparnass.

It so tiring this being a tourist.


Thursday, May 29, 2014


I had a mission today: lunch.

My husband harass sent a list of places he would like to go.

So I'm going ( he's not here!).

So lots of walking. I started by walking to the local market





and then through Parc de Belleville.

From here you can see all of Paris.




These mosaics look very Sue Spargo or Edrica Huws.

I'm thinking quilts.....

And lunch?



I arrived there early and it was so worth the walk: le Dauphin.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What a day I had today.
Almost had too much fun to take photos.
I met up with a wonderful fellow- blogger and we walked and talked and talked and walked,
Had coffee, had lunch and shopped.
What a day!
But I only took a few photos...

This is "Ultramod", the most fantastic mercerie. It's very traditional,
has wonderful service and is a treasure trove
(but no website)

Oooh, I love gros grain.
Your change, Madame.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have spent most of today lost.

Lost in Paris!

I've turned left instead of right,

taken a different exit

turned round and round,

and doubled back.

With no one to hold my hand I seem to have lost all sense of direction.

I got this right though.

And I found my way to my favourite gallery, the Pompidou Centre

and met a few old favourites.

Jackson Pollock

Mark Rothko

(Yes you guessed, I'm still thinking quilts)


I love the building and the view.....


Could the real Eiffel Tower please stand up?