Tuesday, January 6, 2015

and stitching

How is your year shaping up?
We are planning a few things this year 
but so far I am starting off slowly...

 All the stitching is done on this darling.
Another slow quilt:
unpicked Futon covers,
all the fluff picked off,
washed and ironed
and cut into 1287 pieces.
Not that many really ( just counted them)

With the new year began, I thought I might share a few more thoughts from this thoughtful book.

Learn something every day.
Every day, open your mind to something new.
It can come from natue, from others or from within.
Be aware.
Question the mundane.
Allow new things into your consciousness.
Relish the challenge.


  1. Some many shades of blue, the quilt is beautiful. I look forward to following whatever you have planned for the year.

  2. The quilt is absolutely beautiful! The linen-like texture makes me want to touch it all day. Congratulations on this finish. Happy new year!