Wednesday, February 11, 2015

my dad wore an apron

We never had a dishwasher.
Dad always said he had 8 of them
but in later years, when we had all left home, he did the washing up.
This is his apron.

The mending on the straps is so me!

Dad was always meticulous with his appearance.
I like this clothes brush with a shoe horn.

He always carried a handkerchief.
There were lots of them in his things
and I find it comforting to have one in my pocket.

I think the older ones will be good for stitching.

 And I'll be wearing this beautiful silk scarf as soon as the weather cools down.


  1. Thank you my friend for sharing these precious things with us.

  2. I love handkerchiefs and like your dad have one on my person all the time. I inherited my grandmother's. Sent to me from WA, an entire draw that was apparently full of them, she also had one or two of her mother's. The quality of the linen is beautiful.