Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sprinklers of joy

For quite a few summers sprinklers have been banned here.

So it was with a illicit sense of joy I nabbed
these sprinklers from dad's.
I remember them "watering" the back lawn 
on a hot summer's day and us children running around them and jumping them.
Sometimes they were even on the front lawn and the neighbouring kids joined in.

Might have a go soon, when I find the right connectors.

 Another treasure of Dad's is this tape measure
with it's beautiful leather cover.
He used it to measure out the vegetable beds in the back yard.

It goes up to 33 feet! (10 metres) 
and has a brass handle to wind it up again.
Just as well.

One last treasure today is this old film cannister.
Dad loved photography
and we are yet to get together and divide those spoils.
He used to keep 2 shillings coins in them......

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  1. How beautiful, i showed the pictures to Thom and when he was young he knew someone who had the same.