Monday, February 9, 2015

time for a cuppa?

I love these cup, saucer and plate sets.
They were kept in a cupboard in the lounge room 
and only bought out for special visitors.
When we were children mum and her friends and our aunts
 used to have long afternoons teas in the kitchen
while we pranced, stomped and dawdled around them.
The worlds problems were discussed at length.
My mother took a keen interest in politics, mostly viewed from the Left.
This china stayed safely in the cupboard.

More recently they seem to have come out for funerals.

I think this one is my favourite.

I plan on using them a lot more, starting today .
We drank our tea from fine bone china at class today.

I would say these are my favourites.


  1. Oh, how wise to USE those lovely cups. I have a friend who decided when she was first married that her bone china set wedding gift would be her everyday dishes. In many years, she broke only one cup. She enjoyed them all the time, and every day was "special" - good for you!

  2. Maria, My mother had the same cup and saucer on the right in the top photo. We should all use our lovely china more often.

  3. The blue ones are my favorite too. I agree, pretty things are meant to be enjoyed. Our heirs maybe will not appreciate what we are keeping 'for later use', so I am doing like you and enjoying my porcelain as often as I can.