Monday, May 18, 2015

New Orleans



We have made our way to New Orleans.

Whoa, what a place!

Now we have trams in Melbourne but the PTV could learn a lot from New Orleans.

They are in beautiful condition.

They run very frequently


you can buy a ticket as you get on.

So user friendly.

If yo'all know someone in Melbourne transport could you send this on?




Yo'all been told.


Lucky we were in the tram for this,

I am sick of getting wet.



That's always a good idea.


And did I get hungry?
Yum local seafood.

My new best friend showed me how it's done:

A cracker

An oyster

Some ketchup

Some horseradish

Was there something else? I might have to edit this later....

It was delicious and they will make it up for you.

Then home down Bourbon St, once is enough.



  1. Maria, it looks like a fabulous holiday.

  2. Should I tell Daniel Andrews? I've already told him to go look at Japanese trains!

  3. You're in the U.S.! Looks like you're having fun visiting the Southern states. Are you planning to come to the Northwest? I would love to meet you. Besides, we could use rain in Seattle, Washington too!

  4. Those oysters arghhhhhhhh i am so glad that iwas not with you his time i do NOT like oysters at all. And all tgose rain, horrible. We have lots of sun here in France, you better come to us......

  5. Hi sure do get around...those trams are're making me want to go there.

  6. Oh I love New Orleans. I keep a bicycle there so I can truly say it's my home from home