Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are you still there?

We are still here and thinking how fortunate we have been.
After finishing our little walk we have had a couple of days in Robin Hood's Bay
and Whitby and then a couple of days in York.
York is lovely town but in rained for 2 days non stop.
You have to be committed to sight- see in that kind of weather.
So glad we had fine weather for most of our walk. So glad.
Yesterday it fined up a bit.

A blog post about clouds? Why not?
I forgot to say we have a car for a few days. Lucky.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Whitby and York

Have you had enough?
I was going to stop blogging for a while now we have finished our walk.
It was so good!
My plan is to do one of those book / blog things to remember it
but having a blog is so handy for me to keep the memories in order
otherwise one great day blurs into the next.
And anyway at least those at home know I am still ok as long as I keep the blogging up.
So I think I will just scrap book random things for a while.
We stayed around Whitby for a couple of days after the walk. It has been the stage for quite a few TV shows I think and for good reason. It is very picturesque, better find a good photo....
Sorry, it would have looked better in the photo if someone had turned on the sunlight.
And it has a beautiful abbey, in ruins, which I might do a whole post on a quiet day as I took so many photos.

And there is the lovely tea rooms, Bothams.
The mountain climber tested the vanilla slice.
Lucky as it was the last one they had left.

I am finding the roof tops particularly inspiring. Back to house quilt idea.
And today we came to York on the train.
Oh I love trains!
This is the view from our window over the roof tops in the old town.
As soon as we arrived we took a free 2 hour walking tour, in the rain.
The upside? Not many people to clutter up my photos.
I love that bench and I think it's my new favourite colour.
And here's a sneak preview of the Minster.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Egton Bridge to Robin Hood's Bay

20.5 Miles or 32.7 kilometres
We are here! We made it!
It seemed such a long way.

Our first sighting of Whitby Abbey and the North Sea.
And over the empty moors.
See those power lines? Hold that thought.....
And here we are looking back at them after 2 hours of walking.
At last we sighted the coast up close but had more than hour to walk.

But still more up and down.....
And then at last, hoping the weather would hold, we saw our destination.

And most important of all:
we wet our boots in the ocean!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blakey to Egton Bridge

10 or 11 miles or so.
The book said today was the second easiest walking day.
They never are easy but we did make good time
and took lovely photos.

And the heather is out!

Sign posts are always a welcome sight.
Big walking day tomorrow.
Last day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clay Bank to Blakey

8.9 Miles or 14.3 kilometres
A very gentle day.
This walking through the Yorkshire Moors has been everything I hoped for.
Once we have made the climb we are walking across the spectacular
windswept landscape, barely a soul in sight.
I love it.....
The view out our bedroom window this morning......
a nice path.....

the heather....

threatening skies....

I have tried to avoid animal pictures but the sheep...
they seem to take an interest in the walkers and they've been with us all the way
(not the same ones all the way, of course)

Oh It's beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Osmotherly to Clay Bank Top

13 1/2 miles or 22 kilometres.
We started straight off with a big walk uphill
and downhill
and uphill and downhill and uphill and downhill.....
933 metres ascent and 923 metres descent
We started in lovely sunshine with a light breeze.
I took lots of photos of Osmotherly but I think I might wait a while to post them.
Remember the old quilt appliqué pattern of houses?
I think I might do my own.
It was a good day for photos....
Now that's what I like in a path. We had quite a bit of good path today.
The path has been laid to protect the moor but a few days back,
Kirkby Stephen to Keld,
they said stones would have spoilt the moor.
Hmmm, one neat path or bog and tracks everywhere?
Not to mention safety.

Up high we could see all the way to the North Sea,
Still 3 more days away, walking.
Thinking we were well ahead of schedule we stopped for cake and a cuppa.
So refreshing before our next couple of hills.

And then the weather caught up with us...
It felt like being in a washer/dryer, getting wet and blown dry at the same time.
But the wet cycle won even though the wind was ferocious.
You know, I just don't think my photos have done the scenery justice today.
It was magnificent.