Monday, July 20, 2015

Danby Wiske to Osmotherly

10 miles or 16 kilometres.
A nice Sunday morning stroll with rain threatening all the way.
Waterproofs on and off and on and off.
The scenery was not so different from yesterday except this:

barbed-wire where you would put your hand to climb the stile.
Thank you Mr Farmer.

And we arrived in Osmotherly in time for a cream tea and a rest before dinner.
Osmotherly is reported to be one of the prettiest towns in England.
I hope to get better photos in the morning when the traffic has cleared.
In case you have been worried about me, I have time for a quick check:
Bruises.......hardly there at all now
Only 4 walking days left, but some of the toughest I believe.

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  1. I love folloWing your trip thRough the bRitish country and seeing places where probably I will never go in person!