Friday, July 24, 2015

Egton Bridge to Robin Hood's Bay

20.5 Miles or 32.7 kilometres
We are here! We made it!
It seemed such a long way.

Our first sighting of Whitby Abbey and the North Sea.
And over the empty moors.
See those power lines? Hold that thought.....
And here we are looking back at them after 2 hours of walking.
At last we sighted the coast up close but had more than hour to walk.

But still more up and down.....
And then at last, hoping the weather would hold, we saw our destination.

And most important of all:
we wet our boots in the ocean!


  1. Well done! What an achievement. We are looking forward to your return home and catching up over a bit of stitching. (We may have done our homework by then). J

  2. Hearty congratulations! Well done! I have simply loved watching your progress. Thanks again and again for sharing.
    Rest well.

  3. Congratulations on the walk. And many thanks for the photos. Going to be really cold and wet at the market tomorrow. We are in for another cold spell.

  4. Congratulation on such a great effort, it has been fun to follow along with you - the only way I will ever be doing the walk! Hope you have some time for rest before heading home.