Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kirkby Stephen to Keld

13 Miles or 21 kilometres and 732 metres up.
A beautiful day today.
No rain!
We made off through town to the first signpost.
Then up the hill and over dale...

To the summit, for today, to these Nine Standards.
And then....

Over this boggy ground. It was awful!
You know in those stories how the heroine is lost on the dales?
Sunk waiste deep in mud I would think.
It was treacherous.
I didn't really take photos. I was too busy trying not to sink in the mud!

The guide book says:
"It is worth taking your time to avoid the worst bogs by all means possible:
backtracking, taking a running jump, using a pole, using your partner as a plank:
whatever it takes."

The reward was going to be cream tea at this place.
Not today.

Are you enjoying our walk?
I think we are half way there!

1 comment:

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your walking tour. That closed sign must have made your heart sink!!