Sunday, July 12, 2015

Patterdale to Bampton Grange

13.4 Miles or 21.5 kilometres
 but we "walked" 1000 about metres up
and down again.
A beautiful fine day.
So we started the day here

around here
and up to Kidsty Pike, that pointy bit . Phew.
I did try and hitch a ride on a sheep's back!
and a brisk stroll along the top
then a hair raising descent ( I nearly took a dramatic shortcut)
and all along the side of  Haweswater.

A lovely way to wind down.
We have left the Lake District but picked up quite a few fellow walkers all going the same way.
None of them are quite sure where exactly we are.
The pub, debriefing, oh yes still in Cumbria the waitress said.
Oh and the meals have been well worth the walk!


  1. So peaceful and so beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the photos. Another day of scenic greenness.