Sunday, July 19, 2015

Richmond to Danby Wiske

We walked at least 13 miles or 21 kilometres,
not counting a bit of back tracking and detours.
I am tired.
But did you notice we had a rest day in Richmond?
It was such a pretty town with a castle and lovely views, shops and good restaurants.

View of the castle from the coast to coast path.
We cheated a bit so we could skip it this morning.
Today was supposed to be an easy day with lots of flat walking.
We walked through field after field of wheat, corn, cows, wheat,
wheat and other stuff I couldn't identify.
I am a city girl.
(Between then and now I have been to the pub for dinner. Don't ask.
I have been reliably informed I saw rape-seed crops and barley. There you go.)

Glad to be here. We called in at the pub to get directions,
had a pint and preordered our dinner!

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