Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clay Bank to Blakey

8.9 Miles or 14.3 kilometres
A very gentle day.
This walking through the Yorkshire Moors has been everything I hoped for.
Once we have made the climb we are walking across the spectacular
windswept landscape, barely a soul in sight.
I love it.....
The view out our bedroom window this morning......
a nice path.....

the heather....

threatening skies....

I have tried to avoid animal pictures but the sheep...
they seem to take an interest in the walkers and they've been with us all the way
(not the same ones all the way, of course)

Oh It's beautiful!


  1. I'm really enjoying your nice long walk - and the photos. Can you post a map with the trail marked after you are done? I might have missed a couple too, and am going to go backwards and make sure! How are your feet holding out?

  2. Oh, I just found the map! I did miss that very first day, and a few in between. I've been to Scotland several times. I wonder if there is a trail there like this one? How grand!