Monday, July 27, 2015

Whitby and York

Have you had enough?
I was going to stop blogging for a while now we have finished our walk.
It was so good!
My plan is to do one of those book / blog things to remember it
but having a blog is so handy for me to keep the memories in order
otherwise one great day blurs into the next.
And anyway at least those at home know I am still ok as long as I keep the blogging up.
So I think I will just scrap book random things for a while.
We stayed around Whitby for a couple of days after the walk. It has been the stage for quite a few TV shows I think and for good reason. It is very picturesque, better find a good photo....
Sorry, it would have looked better in the photo if someone had turned on the sunlight.
And it has a beautiful abbey, in ruins, which I might do a whole post on a quiet day as I took so many photos.

And there is the lovely tea rooms, Bothams.
The mountain climber tested the vanilla slice.
Lucky as it was the last one they had left.

I am finding the roof tops particularly inspiring. Back to house quilt idea.
And today we came to York on the train.
Oh I love trains!
This is the view from our window over the roof tops in the old town.
As soon as we arrived we took a free 2 hour walking tour, in the rain.
The upside? Not many people to clutter up my photos.
I love that bench and I think it's my new favourite colour.
And here's a sneak preview of the Minster.


  1. I have enjoyed your travels and look forward to seeing more pictures please.

  2. Me too. You have an engaging way of writing, and the photos are luscious.