Saturday, August 1, 2015

A quick look at.....

Since we finished the walk we hired a car but have hung around in the general area for a closer look.
On one of the days we headed up towards Middlesbrough but swerved east to visit the coastal towns.
I think my favourite is Staithes.

Once one of the largest fishing ports in England Staithes is nestled in a cove
and it only becomes visible as you descend the steep road.
There are resting points built into the walls.

Too many photos?
You decide which ones should be voted off then.


  1. I love all the photos. Your journey makes me want to do something like this, but my hubby just smiles and shakes his head!

  2. What a fantastic fishing port. I would want to stay there for a few weeks. Are you coming home or staying????

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful journey. I have enjoyed all of your photos!

  4. Hi, if you have chance visit Mandy Pattullo at The Hearth, Horsley, NE15 0NT. HER WORK IS FAB. The food at The Hearth is worth the journey alone.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday in England

  5. Staithes looks rather gorgeous. Pennan [up on one of the northern coasts of Scotland] has a similar magical surprise ambience as you head over the cliff on a winding road and all is suddenly revealed...