Friday, August 14, 2015

back in business

Isn't jetlag a terrible thing?
They say it is worse going  West to East rather than the other way round.
Well that is the way it seems to me. 
We arrived in London at lunchtime, had a big night out,
slept in and off we were in holiday mode.

Coming home it has taken me more than a week to sleep all night.
I thought, to start with, that's OK, I'll just get up and watch the cricket.
Well, wasn't that a let down?

Lying awake for hours on end gave me time to think about all the things on my list....

I started this quilt in 2007 in a workshop with Lessa Seigele.
I only made one block.
Didn't like it then. I do now!

It seems I had cut out nearly all the pieces
and it was all neatly put away, pattern and all,
thank goodness.

I have finished four 17" blocks and I'm stuck.
 I have used up all that really dark indigo here and here
and I have to decide what to do now.....

Dark blue? Greenish blue?
Looks washed out with the green.

I think I have a plan but it will take a bit more sewing.


  1. Love those blocks. I can't tell which fabric is which color in the sashing. I like the new border. It is going to be a great quilt.

  2. gorgeous, i'd try to find something dark and monochrome like the dark indigo instead of something paler, and maybe double sashing? It's got that high end Japanese boro feeling... letting the stitches provide the excitement outside of those eye popping blocks.

  3. maybe the sashings a bit bigger and i love the scrappy border