Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tidying up

I have been sorting my scraps.
And "string piecing".
I am amazed how many 8" blocks I made from the off-cuts
without getting into the stash.
do you do this?
I always have a little pile next to my machine to stitch
so I don't have to cut the threads.

That way I am making these little 4" blocks as well.
How small is too small for a scrap?


  1. This palette is so cheerful! There is nothing like sewing up scraps into larger building blocks - it's like gardening - planting the seed and seeing the flowers bloom the same day. Happy new year!

  2. In my book, no scrap is too small. I love your happy 4" blocks.

  3. If you can sew it and like it then it is not too small.

  4. Love them both! Are you coming to UK this year? Let me know so that we can have coffee together.

  5. I love the colors so refeshing. i am glad the parcel arrived ......

  6. Gorgeous colours, great idea for tiny scraps!

  7. Mmmm beautiful fabrics and the combination is so pretty. It is so fun to make string blocks. I don't usually like using enders and leaders, but I may need to start, because my new sewing machine has a wider throat plate and tends to "eat" the beginnings of seams... your little log cabins are darling and such a good idea.

  8. I love tiny scrap blocks....what do you mean about not cutting the threads? Coffee next week? I'm into my scraps too. Some major sewing room tidying going on here

  9. The string blocks will be fabulous when all done. Enjoy!