Sunday, January 31, 2016


It was unplanned that my two ideas would collide like this.

I realise that it was in remaking this quilt that I had

Linda Brannock, Jan Patek and Gerry Kimmel on my mind.


I am making progress on my houses quilt

so much so it has out grown the design wall,

that is, the quilt on the wall I have been pinning the blocks to.

But when to stop?

Here's the one I did earlier:

About 20 years earlier!

It's on my son's bed and I had to get him to message me a photo.

Just now. Ahh technology.....

It's from this book.

Glad you kept them? I am.



  1. I love the muted colours of the houses - they really suit my mood at this time of year.

  2. They both are lovely but maybe i prefer the last one.

  3. It's looking great! It's interesting to see how your color palate has evolved over time. I must look for the book.

  4. I like the 1/2 drop setting of the second one. I has almost a neighborhood on a hill side kind of look to it! The blues are also nice! cheers!

  5. Love the houses, love the color palette. A house quilt is on my list for this year and yours is so inspiring with those great blues and tans.

  6. I love that house quilt and just ordered the book. Can you tell me the yardage for the sky and for the windows and the bed size? If it gives for king or queen that would be great. I found some fabric I'm wanting to order.

  7. I have been sketching a house quilt too! I also have that book! The Stars seem to be aligning!

  8. Love those rows of "new" houses ... a story behind each door and window, surely?