Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Year of the House

This year we anticipate getting a bit of work done on our house.

Not looking forward to it.

So I am going to indulge myself and concentrate on houses for my quilts.

Actually I have already started.

I should start one of those "make this with me"

but you can sort that yourselves.

The house blocks are all going to measures 10" x 6" ( so far)

and I have done a few basic ones to start with

and then I have changed a bit.

I am enjoying this.



  1. Oh, I love them! Such pretty, calming colors.

  2. Wonderful house blocks. Yes, it can be stressful to have work done on your house. Been there done that more than once! I always had to pitch in the demo part or the clean up to help save money, but over the years I have learned so much.

  3. Charming houses. They look fun to make. It sounds like the perfect year for them.

  4. Very exciting, lots of room for applique detail and all manner of arcitectural style and whim.