Sunday, February 14, 2016

In one piece

Have you seen me on Instagram?

If so you would have seen that the house quilt is in one piece.

It's quite big so hard to get a good photo.

Maybe an uncropped one is better.

Look at that ironing board:

only just ironed the quilt.


I thought these colours might suit this post...

I went for a walk in the bush the other day in preparation for next BIG walk.

Who thought I would see an echidna just on the path!

And the bush is own kind of dramatic.



  1. What a beautiful & serene neighborhood! How will you quilt it?

  2. I love the tone gradation in this quilt! You have taken a simple pattern and a few neutrals to make a magical night stroll through a happy neighborhood. Brilliant!

  3. Your play with color in the border is so perfect. Where will you go for the big walk this year?

  4. The borders are perfect ... barely there, but making a difference.

  5. Moody and cozy and just beautiful! Reminds me of some of the Japanese quilts I've seen.

  6. I love this quilt and it's a beauty when see all finished! You're so right - the echidna and quilt and the bush colours couldn't be a better match.

  7. Great houses quilt! I love the lighting from Bottom to top! It reminds me of that painting by Magrite. Day light and night time sky in one picture. Really super effect! Love the little critter, how exciting to see one out walking! cheers!

  8. Your houses are looking great! I like the way you have concentrated the lighter blocks at the bottom, darker ones at the top and the border holds it all together beautifully. (Also, thank you for your comment on my blog - - for some reason it didn't make it into my inbox so I couldn't reply directly)

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