Thursday, March 17, 2016

Slow stitch

I seem to have been doing so much s-l-o-w stitching lately
that I have very little to show.
I wanted to make a book for a special occasion
but I just couldn't remember wher to start.
Enter: YouTube.

The cover is a print of photos taken of graffiti round Fitzroy.
Very suitable don't you think?


  1. fabulous Maria, is it going to America?

  2. Gorgeous and the paper is handmade? Is it for the wedding of your son? The you tube does not work. I wolud love to see it.

  3. I remember stitching a book like this in school. It is really neat they way the sections come together. I like the cover, very cool! cheers!

  4. Beautiful, this is another piece of art

  5. I haven't made a book for years but this makes my fingers start twitching. I love the shot of all the beautiful stitches in the spine - not to mention the very cool cover.