Monday, May 30, 2016

En plein air

I have been wanting to post a picture of this recent finish for about a week

but needed another pair of hands.

Yesterday when I tried the Mountain Climber was digging in the garden.

So I took the quilt to him.....

"Yes, yes, just hold this for a minute?"


See the green leaves in the background?

With only 2 days left before Winter those leaves just hang in there and are still green.

They are the last to leave and the first to arrive.

Like me at a party.


Oh yes and the back.

Those bits down the side date from a quilt about 20 years ago.



  1. Very nice , Maria. A lovely masculine feel.

  2. Yes...all is well Maria...I'm having another go at the knitting machine now the yarn weather has arrived...mind you it IS report time again. I can always find excuses

  3. I like the colour combination and simple shapes: it's restful but not too static. Sounds like you would be fun at a party. :-)