Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pennine Way minus 1

Well we're here

at the official start of the Pennine Way.

I quite understand if you want to tune out for a while.

This is going to get rugged.


One of the things I wished I did more of last time was to have more pictures of where we stayed,

so once I am at home I have a better recollection of each place.

You have been warned:

expect to see my bed, my meals, the pubs....



as well as the cute villages

and magnificent scenery.....



Just when things started so well I learn that we have left the charging plug

for all these devices still plugged in in London! S**t!

Big thanks to Alan from the local camping ground (where we are not staying)

who has just sourced one in Manchester and driven me there and back to get it!

The kindness of strangers.



  1. Lovely pictures - we do miss the country pubs back in England. Keep posting!!

  2. I agree, lovely pictures and I enjoy the nitty-gritty: pubs, beds etc. Happy walking.

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