Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yay. Internet.


We spent a lovely cosy night in Hebden Bridge.

(African drum practise 7 - 9.30 every Thursday)


We are coming back here on a canal boat holiday one day.

It's a lovely place which has done an amazing job recovering from devastating floods on Boxing Day.


Then it was onward and upward.

It rained pretty much all day but don't fret we have all the gear.

And you know what they say:

No such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.



Up on the moors (Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights country) is beautiful.

Shh. Can you ear the silence?

Now it's the pub for dinner

and off to bed.



  1. Looking amazing as ever. Thanks for the photos. Must get out the map today to follow your travels.

  2. Good old Hebden Bridge!! Used to go there on the bus when I was a child. The surrounding areas, the moors I just love but Hebden Bridge used be not so nice in those days. Did you see the series Happy Valley with Sarah Lancashire, set in Hebden? Your photos of the canals and locks also take me back, we used to walk across the canal on top of the lock gates - when they are closed of course! I hope you're enjoying your walk just as much I am enjoying following along down memory lane. Thank you.

  3. Of course the upside of the rain is that's what makes everything so green!

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