Monday, August 1, 2016

An easy day.

Thornton-in-Craven to Malham, 9.5 miles, 15.5 kilometres.

We started our walk today here.

The guide book described today as a relaxed day of walking. Ha ha.


It was along paths and lanes,

canals and streams.




Everyone was out enjoying the sun and we slowed, chatting along the way.

This was a must photograph landmark

(and means we have walked approximately 70 miles so far this walk not counting to-and-from our accommodation and dinner)

and lollies!

Oh no. I think this might be a long post.

And just round the corner from the lollie shop, a flea market!

My little collection from the flea market.

Something to hold my reel of thread,

a little sewing kit,

I shouldn't but I did.

Sue and her stall at the flea market in Gargave, next held on the August bank holiday weekend Sunday and Monday. There were so many more treasures I could have saved.

Eventually we tore ourselves away but not far as a couple of boats were negotiating the nearby lock.



Just thinking about our next holiday perhaps....


Oh, and this was funny in a terrifying kind of way....

These cows started following me across the field but when I stopped and turned

they would stop. But not GO AWAY.

And then they blocked my escape...

With persistence I made it out of that field


and here we are tonight in Malham!



  1. Lovely Summer greens along the lanes and in the hedgerows, beautiful. I do miss the flea markets with all the little knick knacks they have in abundance. Well, you seem to be having a lovely walk with stops in beautiful places - even though you were held up by these lovely Friesians (think that's what they are from memory), hope the weather stays good for you.

  2. Looks amazing, i think a long boat holiday on a canal sounds lovely.

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