Thursday, August 11, 2016

More moors

Slaggyford to Greenhead, 19 kilometres ( 12 miles)

When I was young I used to write little stories about a heroine called Marion who used to wander the moors in a blue hooded cape....

How wrong can you get?

Today we waded through moors and fields ankle deep in mud and water.

We didn't have to walk that far today but it was arduous.

My favourite kind of catwalk easing our approach to the stile over the fence.

The guidebook describes " the quagmire that is Blenkinsopp Common: this is without doubt the wettest and bogie st section of the whole Way; even after a 12-week drought you're still going to get wet across here.....

You should look for a stream to wash the mud of your boots, calves, thighs..."

No more complaining. The heather is out and it is beautiful, I have never been up amongst it before.

Coming up next are my favourite photos of the day...







We had a lovely sunny break at lunchtime and it was nice to get the boots off for a while.

I am loving my good high-cut leather boots and wool contoured socks.

They are labelled L and R and I wonder what would happen if I get it wrong?

Lovely big room tonight!



  1. Beautiful pictures! What brand are your socks? I have great high leather waterproof boots (vasque) but I am on the hunt for good thick wool socks. The cool wool brand I had purchased seems to be less sturdy lately and prone to wearing at the heels.

  2. Love those barns. I think we have all had our dreams about the moors. Beautiful when the heather is out.
    Thanks for your daily photos and story.

  3. I am so enjoying this journey of yours. Such a beautiful landscape. Yes, even a lass in the USA had dreams about moors. :-)

  4. Lovely barns! They are all brick round here but I love the old stone. Your boots and socks are earning their keep, I think.

  5. The barns take me once more down memory lane - a big thank you for sharing these! The photo of your boots gave me a good laugh - we went to the Lake District for our honeymoon (48 yrs ago) and my husband thought it would be great idea to get me into hiking - he was a great hiker. So, good boots like yours bought to take with us. Arrived at the hotel and I discovered that I needed to soak the boots with hot water and then wear them so they would "mold" to my feet!!! The first night of my honeymoon was then spent in nightie and dressing gown walking the room in wet boots!!