Sunday, August 14, 2016

What a day!

Why am I so tired?

Once Brewed to Bellingham, 26 kilometres (of mud!)

Today we walked a bit more of Hadrian's Wall...


This is the reamains of a mile castle located every Roman mile (1618 yards) housing about 50 men along the Wall. And....

apparently the most photographed tree in the UK: the sycamore

(otherwise the sycamore gap)


and it appears to have an understudy.


Then miles of forest. Looks lovely doesn't it?

Ankle deep mud! On and on.

The mud is the talk of the walkers as they compare notes at the end of the day.

More tomorrow I believe.



  1. 26 kilometres of mud! You deserve a medal. I'm hoping the lovely (or at least mostly lovely) weather we are having in the middle of the country turns up for you as well, and maybe even dries up the mud further north.

  2. every post is a delight.
    thank you.