Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What were you thinking?

I suppose you were thinking that life for me has been one long holiday.
I have been back home for some time but in recovery mode.
I have been  sewing though.

The blocks have stacked up.
And soon I will join them all up....


  1. I love these blocks you've made and I am so curious how they will look when they are sewn together.

  2. Beautiful. I'm not a lover of blue but these blocks, laying out on the floor, make me think maybe I am. Are these denim or plain-weave cotton or some other fabric?

  3. Beautiful! I like your colour choice

  4. I thought you must still be away. What a trip!

  5. Lovely, and very restful to look at. It will be a tranquil quilt I think.

  6. Your posts about India were most enjoyable. That step well is fabulous!!

    As for the blue quilt ... will you have a spot of red somewhere?