Friday, December 2, 2016


Much has happened while I have been stitching away on this quilt.....

or so they tell me.

I have pinned my new quilt to an old quilt as I have not yet decided which way is up.

That is, I have not sewn on the hanging sleeve

so you can see the quilt behind it, almost.

This beautiful blue fabric is from old japanese futon covers.

It has a linen-like feel but has a really dense colour don't you think?



  1. Beautiful! I think I will never be tired of these gorgeous Japanese fabrics.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. It is really very beautiful. And you are right: it is a beautiful deep color. I stay looking at it.

  3. What a lovely spot to hang and photograph your quilt, the blue reminds me of Lapis Lazuli, rich and deep!

  4. It is the most beautiful blue (or range of blues, I guess). Deep and rich without being flashy. A lovely quilt.

  5. This is so lovely and peaceful - brewing some ideas about a new quilting project of my own

  6. I still love to look at your quilt !