Monday, January 23, 2017

A few stitches...

January seems like on long holiday.
I have carried my little sewing kits for weeks hoping to put a few stitches in these small things.
At last I have finished a couple of things.  

Some indigo.... 

and a new tea cosy.
I have trying out a new pattern.
What do you think?

Might start putting things on my Etsy.


  1. Very nice. I love the tea cozies especially!

  2. Love both the log cabin boxes and the applique tea cosy, I would certainly put them on Etsy!There comes a time when you have too many handmade things for your home!

  3. Love that tea cosy and also your beautiful indigo sewing kits! I don't know why 've never made a tea cosy, there was always one around in hour house as a child.

  4. Do it Maria! SO GREAT to catch up with you last week - love your work!

  5. The problem with being a maker... lots of things in cupboards. Etsy a good idea.

  6. Functional art:) All super exciting projects!