Thursday, March 9, 2017

One tree or two?

I have spent weeks hand quilting and I'm almost up to the binding
but today I had the urge do go back to something little.

Not sure whether to add another tree or
Is less more?

And while we're here
what are your thoughts on matts?
And I want to talk about something else....
The other day someone was telling me how all her favourite bloggers have deserted her for Instagram.
This, she said, is only giving her a brief encounter rather than the spending time with friends.
I think I agree. I miss that lots of my favourites blog less often and the way Instagram 'orders' the posts it is easy to miss things, not to mention nuisance 'followers'.
So, revive the Blog I say.


  1. Yes to both. Less is more, except I don't get enough news of my Twitter friends and bloggers. Has everyone left to Instagram, or is it algorithms hiding them somewhere?
    Keep up the good blogging work:)

  2. Love your new little piece, two trees or one -would look perfect with either. Mats - yes, I think they add to these smaller pieces we sometimes make.
    Blogging - sadly a lot of bloggers I have followed for a long time have reduced their blogging to a minimum. They are using Facebook and Instagram mostly I think. Very sad, I miss the "conversations".

  3. I love the simplicity and calm of this little piece. And I would love to see more blog posts too.

  4. I think the lone tree. If adding it probably would be two more, although, not sure if enough space. With regard to blogs I am one of the guilty who has taken to Instagram. It is interesting that you and the three other people have commented that they like the posts, many people have told me that they do not have time for blogs. I really liked doing mine but became a little disheartened also in past two or three months have had a different focus. I still read the blogs of all that I follow plus a few others that I access through other people's blog lists.

    1. I agree with Kerry. One or three trees.
      Blogland does seem a bit deserted these days. I am guilty too. Many of us in the States are fatigued with all the shitty politics going on. I teeter between "resisting" and feeling exhausted.
      This post here has reminded me that there are still folks reading blogs. I shall rally. xo

    2. Hi Karen,
      I think it may be the State of Affairs that has bought me back to blogging. I really feel for my bloggy friends in the States and elsewhere.We must not feel driven back but slowly push against it.
      Keep blogging.

  5. I think I like the single tree. I still prefer blogs to other formats; they seem to be the only way to engage in proper conversations with people. Instagram is good for instant gratification, but for me it's no substitute for finding out the hows and whys of what people do, which is the stuff I really care about.

  6. Have you considered a light-coloured mat?

    As for Instagram, I do different stuff, and not a lot of it, on Instagram. Documenting "interesting things" is part of my art practice, though lately it's been more about life than art, but gradually I'm getting back to it, and starting to find time to read a few blogs again. Conversations are good!

    btw on Instagram if you go to the person's "site" (ie, their name) you'll see all their photos in one place, no need to worry about having missed something.