Thursday, May 11, 2017

Paper cuts

Recently I spied this shape, an octahedron, and thought
'I want to make one of those'.

 After much searching on the internet and youTube I found instructions.
What fun!

It is made up of 12 folded units.
I used an old Melways which was  perfect
and don't you just love maps?

Ha ha. I did it!

So I did it again!
Much quicker the second time.


  1. Yes!
    Using old maps for projects is such fun!
    I use them to make envelopes.
    Your octahedron is very cool.

  2. Goodness - that's a delight to see, how long did it take you to make it?

  3. Yes, Maria, I will have to make a few of these. You have inspired me.

  4. Wow, Maria, they're marvellous - and they look so complicated too. Map projects, even the simplest ones, always look so special.