Friday, July 21, 2017

Brompton Crossroads to Buttington.

So that was yesterday.

And the distance we covered was 23 kilometres.

The were lots of fields, a big big hill, a beautiful forest and more fields.

Am I holding your interest?

At least we found somewhere to sit to eat our lunch.

There were lots and lots of pheasants in the forest, hundreds being raised for the 'season'.


And then back down through the fields again.

Today we are having a rest day in the most wonderful B&B. Dreamy.

This morning we visited Powys Castle. The castle itself is very interesting, well worth a visit but the gardens...






We did a tour of the gardens and nursery. Oh those green houses.

I want one!



I took loads of photos so maybe I should revisit this again.

I am thinking we could go on a gardening tour next, what do you think?



  1. Looks like you have some amazing garden ideas. Enjoy your rest day.

  2. Beautiful gardens at Powys Castle. I've always thought I should love a greenhouse just like the ones in the photograph. Great window opening system they have in there.

  3. Great photos! A gardening tour would be lots of fun, though not on foot, I suspect. :-)