Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chepstow to Redbrook-on-Wye

We started out our first real day of walking with rain forecast which eventuated earlier than we expected but was short lived. We had lots of sun and lots of shade.

The scenery was marvellous.

( I think you might have to get used to superlatives this trip)

My photos were a bit ordinary but here goes:

Leaving Chepstow this morning, lots of fruit trees planted in public spaces (what a good idea)


Chepstow Castle, the oldest Norman castle in the UK.

We spent a lot of time walking in the most beautiful woods,

lots of uphill and downhill,


resting at a bus stop


At the end of the day we took an old railway bridge across the Wye to the pub.


I earnt my cider and our B & B! Wow.


The only downside today?

Two pubs in town and neither do food on a Monday.

Can you believe it?

Distance covered: 26 kilometres.



  1. What a magical walk. Woke up to heavy frost here!

  2. Oh, these photos take me back to our lovely English woods! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, just beautiful.