Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Knighton to Newcastle-on-Clun

It was a beautiful sunny day today and at times patches of shade were most welcome.

We left Knighton through shaded woods then started our first climb slowly.

Today and tomorrow are described as the most difficult of the whole walk so that is why we are taking two days rather than one.

Part way up this is the view back over Knighton

and the fields ahead of us.

Then I put my camera away to concentrate on the heavy work of walking.

It was a good day for harvesting as well.

Distance covered today: 14.8 kilometres



  1. Glad you enjoyed some sunshine. Thanks for the photos. A little warmer than walking around the lake here. The market even closed early on Sunday as it was so cold.

  2. Bet you enjoyed a good sleep after looking at your photos, looks pretty tough going.

  3. I like your pictures very much....we travelled a lot in the UK, also Wales.....now with the brexit coming it's more expensive than before. ... so i'll enyou your blog.....thanx....