Monday, July 24, 2017

Llanymynech to Bronygarth to Llangollen

Yes I know we skipped a day.

No internet last night but just as well because I didn't have a great day yesterday.

I didn't take many photos and it seems our described itinerary was about 4 kilometres short of the actual distance. Imagine you're all psyched up to do 20k and when you get that far there is a sign pointing the way for another 2 3/4 miles! That's at least one more hour. I was grumpy.

Those few kilometres can be a deal breaker

especially when the path is overgrown like this with head high bracken, stinging nettle and prickly wild things,

narrow and uneven like this so you reach out to steady yourself

and the farmers have thoughtfully topped their fences like this.

But before long we arrived at our lovely B & B welcomed with cake and a cup of tea.

And what a lovely garden, fruit trees, veges, the lot.

Today was a lovely day.

We skirted the edge of Chirk Castle, said goodbye to Offa's Dyke (even though have have 3 more days walking the path) and met the Llangollen Canal.


It was such a highlight walking across the Pontcysylite Aquaduct, built to carry the canal over the River Dee.


1000 feet long, the first stone was laid in 1795 and took 10 years to complete.

Distance covered: 27 kilometres and then 18 kilometres today.



  1. Hope you've recovered now from your not very good day! I can't remember if I every heard of the Aquaduct going over the River Dee before, an amazing piece of work!

  2. Glad you recovered from your not so good day. Barbed wire is horrid. Mind you it does keep the cows in. We have some here from when we originally had cows. Don't need it for the sheep so slowly removing it. Weather slightly better today. Market finished early yesterday due to heavy rain.

  3. That would have made me pretty grumpy too! The aquaduct looks amazing; I would get very excited walking across that.

  4. That aquaduct! Amazing!
    p.s. I would have been a grumpy mess myself...