Thursday, July 13, 2017

White Castle to Longtown

I have a problem.

I can never decide which photos make the cut to get into the blog.

Internet can be dodgy and if I include too many they never load.

Last night I woke in the middle of the night and my post had not completely loaded so I finished it then.

Funny how speed improves when everyone else is asleep.

This was the gorgeous view out my window this morning.

Yesterday we were picked up and brought to our B & B, the downside being we were dropped back this morning and had to walk back past the B & B.

This was it and the historic church next door.


See this camouflaged signpost, called a 'finger post' in walkers talk?

We didn't!

Added an extra 2 kilometres on today's total and we still had to 'walk ' this big hill, 530 metres.

But it was magnificent, and lovely weather.

I tried to get a lift down with this chap. There were several hang gliders.

The descent was burning on the legs and we have to head back up tomorrow.

Loving it.

Distance covered today: 21 kilometres.



  1. Such a pleasure walking with you, all the benefits and no need to get out my recliner.

  2. Great photos. The hills are hard work but look at those views!

  3. Oh beautiful photos, hope the legs have stopped burning!