Monday, July 10, 2017

You ready?

Are you ready for this year's walk?

It's going to be easy for you, just follow along.

We arrived in London yesterday and caught the train to Chepstow this morning.

Things went pretty smoothly except for almost missing our connecting train and having to run with our suitcases down the platform up the stairs, over the train tracks and back down those stairs.

Only just made it.

Our lovely B & B is only about a mile from the station.

Not too far to walk

with our suitcases up, up, uphill. Phew. Good start.

This rock marks the start of the trail and rather than walk all the way to it and back in the morning we did that bit this afternoon.


You have to start at the start.

Well really this is the start down on the water's edge.

Tomorrow we will have a head start.

Where are we anyway? This year we are walking Offa's Dyke Path.

"The 285 kilometre trail offers an unforgettable journey between the Severn Estuary and the north Wales coast, conquering mountain ranges, contouring above the Wye and Dee, visiting superb hill forts and Norman castles and exploring the hidden heritage of the Marches."

I am looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. Oh wow, this is looking exciting - keep posting won't you both John and I love following along with you!!

  2. Great choice of a walk - the Wye valley is one of my favourite places; you are in for a treat I think.