Friday, December 15, 2017

Machine sewing....

Lots of machining

and now the top is done

and basted, but that doesn't make such a good photo.

And I made another tea cosy!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

it's about time

 It's about time I got around to finishing this quilt.
I started it many years ago but found it just too difficult and so only made one block. Then some time later I found that I had cut out most of the pieces to make four blocks and so got that far.
But then what to do?
So indecision has ruled.
Then about a year ago I added then saw-tooth border and then reached another standstill.

 And then recently I thought stars! 
Stars might work. 
I didn't want to overpower the centre blocks but if I chose carefully....
You see I am using old Japanese fabric from futons and what I have is limited and it's not like I can pop down to the patchwork shop and get some more.

So far so good?