Sunday, October 21, 2018

Up to speed: part 2

Then what happened?

We made our way by train to Lucca for what turned out to be 10 most fabulous days.

You know when you book something well in advance and you never quite know how it will go.

And in another country?

Well it was FANTASTIC!




10 days at the Casa Fiori doing a sketching class with James Richards:

Follow your Senses in Tuscany.

Everything about it was sooo good: food, wine, and my lovely classmates.

The days were structured so rest days (sketching at the casa) were alternated with sight seeing and sketching.

( I hope that link works. I'm not finding blogsy so great for doing this. But do look it up as they have another workshop next May as well others with other tutors)







Maybe I'll show my sketches next post?



  1. What fun! I love this part of Italy! Looks like you have beautiful weather too! Great pix!

  2. Lovely seeing Tuscany through your eyes. And yes, please post the sketches!

  3. I love your sketches, please share!

  4. Great pix! What fun! I wish I could be there! Some of my most favorite memories of Italia right where you were, Fantastic!