Thursday, January 30, 2020

remember me?

Happy New Year!

It seems I have not blogged for a long, long time
and it has taken a lovely comment from a long follower on my blog to get me back here.
I am fine and doing well.
But my country:
it seems we are ruled by a team of lazy, lying cheating dimwits.
There I have put that out there.

Plenty has been said in the media if you want to look it up.
The East Coast of Australia has been burning for months losing many times the amount of forest that burnt in the Amazon and millions of our native animals have died 
while our crazy leader holidayed in Hawaii, 
was slow to action and 
continues to obfuscate about Climate Change.

I, like many Australians, am in complete despair.
There seems little we common folk can do and even if we had an election soon I fear the same forces that assisted this party  to be elected would be at it again.

 So I have done what most artists do and turned inward to get myself through.
This improv quilt is inspired by the great Nancy Crowe.
It's progress has been slow while I pondered design decisions but so far I am pleased.

And this beauty has been in the making for some time.
I have been exploring solids, 
quilts made from as few fabrics as possible,
traditional patterns but modern colours
and hand quilting.
I got out the old quilting templates!
I just love doing that kind of quilting.
You can stitch all (or most) of that angst into something.
Funny how when you pick up the quilt again those thoughts return.

So that's me for today. Take care.


  1. Nice to see you again popping up in my blog reader!

    I'm afraid I've had the same despair, although I haven't dealt with it as creatively as you have. Both quilts are beautiful

  2. Love the pop of color on the 1st one. Although, the quilting on the 2nd is lovely too. :) Hang in there. I do so hope the fires get under control. Apparently a couple of fire fighters from the U.S. were killed in a plane crash over there. So much loss and destruction and life lost so sad.

  3. Good to see you again and your neighbours over here in NZ can't quite believe what's happening in Australia. I think you're doing the best thing presently - soothing quilting! I love both of these creations.

  4. Your quilts are so lovely! I really love that border on the first one. It always amazes me how much of our thoughts seem to end up embedded into a quilt. Wonderful source of therapy.:)

  5. Beautiful quilts. Don't despair. WE are going to take over and get this world straightened out. We have *finally* had enough of the deliberate head-in-the-sand approach by many politicians everywhere that they can ignore reality and somehow it will all work out.

  6. Sadly yours is not the only country currently being run by lazy, lying cheating dimwits. I always vote but keep asking myself why I bother. Turning all those darker thoughts into something creative is a good way to respond, I think. Certainly both these are truly lovely pieces.